Food For Life
Group Workshops

I am so excited to offer the Food for Life program – a nutrition and cooking education program designed by an internationally renowned, non-profit health organization: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

The goal of this program is to prevent disease. When a disease has been diagnosed, it works to improve survival.

Didem Varol

Designed by physicians, nutrition experts, and registered dietitians, each Food For Life class includes information about how certain foods and nutrients work to promote health and fight disease. The classes work to translate complex scientific nutrition information into simple and easy meals. Each Food for Life nutrition and cooking class features a nutrition lecture and a live cooking demonstration, all within a supportive group setting. There are different class curricula such as cancer prevention, diabetes prevention, hormonal balance, and kids’ health.

I am the only Food for Life Instructor operating in the country of Turkey. Contact me to find out the latest on where I’ll be delivering my classes and how you can join!

Physicians Committee